Audio recording often isn’t something that beginning YouTube creators focus on, but it can prove vital to producing high-quality videos for your fans. The best YouTube microphone can provide the sound quality necessary to take your videos to the next level. Whether you’re looking to get started on a budget or bring your recording quality to the next level, we cover them all

Today we discuss some great options at every price level to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to record on-the-go, trying to find the best mic setup for streaming, or searching for a great podcast microphone, there’s an option for you.

The SmartLav+ is the perfect option for on-the-go recording at an affordable price. Whether you’re recording at live events, or vlogging in an active situation, this lavalier microphone will work perfectly. At only $60, the audio recording quality of the SmartLav+ punches well above its weight.

The convenience of lavalier microphones comes in the ability to hide them on your body, and plug them into whatever recording system you’re using for later audio syncing. Rode has a free recording app you can download on both iOS and Android to capture audio from the SmartLav+, and it works as a great option for recording audio.

You can also pair the SmartLav+ up with either the Zoom H1n or Rode Rodelink Wireless (both covered later) for optimal wireless audio recording. The flexibility of the SmartLav+ makes it one of the “best bang for the buck” options on this list.

Blue Microphones makes it back on this list with their midrange offering: The Blue Yeti microphone. This is a great upgrade over the previously discussed snowball, with many great added features to make it well worth the increase in price. These improved features make the Yeti the perfect option for a midrange YouTube/podcasting/streaming microphone.

The Blue Yeti includes an in-built pop-filter, as well as 5 different settings for achieving the best audio recording quality in any situation. Finally, the included base allows for a high level of adjustability for recording wherever you need. You can also plug in a pair of headphones to monitor your recording to ensure top quality.

There’s a good reason we feature 3 Blue Microphones products on this list: Blue is known for exceptional quality, and the Yeti continues that tradition. You really can’t go wrong with such sturdy and quality construction. I accidentally dropped mine a while ago, and it survived with only a minor scratch and no effect to the recording abilities.

6Midrange Option 3 – Rode NT-USB (Price: $169.99)

The Rode NT-USB is the highest quality of our mid-range offerings, although that does, of course, come at a higher price than the others in this range. Rode is a highly respected company in the audio recording industry, and the NT-USB is their premiere sub-$200 offering.

While it is still a USB microphone, the audio recording quality is on par with studio-quality XLR microphones. This also comes with the ease of use and reduced extra cost of USB when compared to an XLR option. The NT-USB offers a wide range of adjustability for a microphone at this price point, allowing you to find the optimal settings for your recording situation.

The Shure SM7B is a very widely used top of the line YouTube microphone. This studio-quality cardioid microphone has also been used by recording artists to produce vocals for some of the most popular songs.

The SM7B is an XLR microphone, meaning you will need some extra gear to connect it to your computer for recording. This will require an extra expense on top of the microphone, but if set up correctly, can ensure the highest audio recording quality possible.

The microphone comes with 2 different windscreens that each work well for separate recording situations. One of them works perfectly for recording up-close audio (such as you sitting at a desk talking right into it). The other is better for whole-room recording. A shock mount is also included in the box, allowing you to avoid vibrations from disrupting your recordings.

Rode returns to our list with another great option for a high-end XLR condenser microphone. This is another perfect option for high-end audio recording, and you really can’t go wrong with it.

Like the SM7B, this microphone comes with a windscreen and shock mount to provide the highest quality audio possible. It makes for the perfect easy-to-use microphone, especially for podcasting or multi-source audio recording. If you are serious about your recording audio, then the NT1A is the perfect option for you.

The Rodelink Wireless system is perfect for serious vloggers or live event attendees. As the name suggests, the Rodelink is wireless, meaning one end goes into the hot shoe of your camera, and the other can be clipped onto your back pocket with the lav set up to record your voice.

This system works perfectly for recording high-quality audio on the go, and the battery lasts for several hours on one charge. Furthermore, with a 350 foot (~100 meter) range, the Rodelink will work for any imagineable recording scenario. The included lavalier microphone works perfectly, but you can upgrade/replace it at any time if desired.

You can even pair this wireless system with their SmartLav+ lavalier microphone (mentioned above) for the perfect audio recording combination. This is probably the best on-the-go YouTube microphone system you will find.

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